Terms and Conditions

- Geeks fou u provides services and goods on the basis of few terms and conditions that are set below.
- We urge all our customers to pay us strictly on the basis of our payment terms (EFT, bank cheque or payment by cash on delivery unless agreed via other means).
- Incompatibility issues and minor errors may arise in connection with some of our products and services which are beyond our control
- Geeks fou u liability with all customers in relation to supply of goods as well as services is limited on the basis of our terms and conditions.

Notification for repairs
- Any items or products that are brought for repair can be replaced with identical renovated items. Some of the repairing items may lead to data loss.

Exchanging any parts or property
- No goods or parts will be handed over unless full payment is made in any of the possible ways.

Payments procedures
For any information or queries related to payment procedure, please reach our support team.

Risks and insurance for electronic parts and goods
As soon as the good or part is/are undelivered it's completely our responsibility, but soon it is/are delivered to your specified address the responsibility of damage, theft, and insurance responsibility will be to the customer.

Nature of agreement
All information such as date or service provision as well as deliver dates are estimates only. Our best efforts will be to meet all of these estimated dates in any given condition. At times it may happen that a given item or part required sending to any third party for replacement or repairs, but we always give priority to repair and diagnose the part or item in site.

- Geeks fou u strives hard to provide a fruitful solution for all tech problems, in case we fail to provide a suitable solution no charges or fees will be charged related to that problem.
- If in any situation diagnosis of a certain problem proves that our services or products are unsatisfactory, Geeks fou u will try to arrange or provide a quick solution at no additional expense.
- Geeks fou u cant assure or promise you to provide a solution to any particular problem beyond our limit or scope of service.
- Geeks fou u won't provide any warranty on sale of goods which is manufactured by any other third party or company.

What do we expect from our customers?
We at Geeks fou u are trying all means to make it a satisfying deal, but we too expect few things from our customers. Here are the key points:
- We expect all our customers to pay for any replacements or adjustments
- Operator who is under you must be sufficiently trained so that he or she is able to use the goods bought
- We expect you to perform some basic maintenance procedures
- All report of errors or problems must be provided instantly
- When our geeks visit your office or home for maintenance we expect an adult to be present
- We don't expect our customers to attempt or try to modify any software
- We expect our customers to take necessary precautions as instructed

Geeks fou u will not be held responsible for any attempt of copyright infringement by the customer or any third party.

Pricing on one-day delivery service
The pricing for one day service will be completely different from other weekdays. For updated price list we urge you to reach our support team.

Notification regarding repairs
In some cases, it may happen that an item or items need to be taken for off-site repairing or investigation. In such situations, we urge our customers to give a written email or consent regarding the approval in order for us. Following this process will help us to serve you better and find fruitful solutions fast.

Money refund policy
Geeks fou u offers full money refund policy to a customer who is not satisfied with our services. We approve refund in cases where the problem persists and reoccurs when any of our geeks visit your place to give a suitable solution. In such cases, we will work to solve the problem free of charge or give you a full refund.
- Make sure you reach our team of Geeks fou u within 7 days, ailing to do so we hold the right to nullify the policy, and you won't be applicable for a refund.
- This policy is only applied if the issue or concerned said is similar to the one our geeks were called to find a solution.
- After the refund, if it turns out that the said concern or issues didn't reappear by itself and it was all because of clients hand in it, in such situation there will be a fees charged on the customer.
Cancellation of visits or appointments
- In case Geeks fou u fails to deliver any of your ordered good or provide services, your order may get canceled, and a written notice will be sent to that address.
- If in any situation a customer cancels our geek's onsite service, a nominal cancellation fee may be charged based on the losses and expenses incurred.
- Geeks fou u urges all customers to notify us at least 24 hours prior if they want to cancel any appointment with our geeks. In any situation, if you fail to do so our team may penalize the client a sum as cancellation fees.
- If in any unwanted situation we have to cancel an appointment, Geeks fou u will notify the client 12 hours in advance or else if we fail to do so then the discount will be given to that client.

Customer Feedback
Geeks fou u is open to all kind of feedbacks, complaints, and suggestions. We believe your inputs will help us to serve you better.

Booking Rules
Geeks fou u sends a booking number to your registered mobile number or email address soon after placing the order. We urge our customers to show our geeks the booking details on his or her arrival. Failing to do so, Geeks fou u will turn the booking invalid and nullify all services as well as grants to the customer.

Significance of Invoices
Geeks fou u urges all customers to hold on the invoices given to them by our geeks after the necessary service or services provided. This invoice is necessary for you to produce in case of warranty or for any other follow up services by our team. Failing to do so, Geeks fou u will turn the warranty invalid and nullify all services, as well as grants, promised to the customer.

We expect all payments to be made on our Geeks fou u online platform and no payments should be given to any of our geeks or employees. In such of such circumstances, Geeks fou u will consider it to be "unpaid" for the product or services, and we won't be held responsible if the customer needs to pay the outstanding amount once again. For more details and queries about payment get in touch with our support team.

Important point
We urge all our customers to make all dealings with Geeks fou u system itself and in case you must not associate with any of our geeks or employees in order to avoid hassles or inconveniences in the near future.

Geeks fou u holds the right to change all terms and conditions as per the law states of Australia.
Address: Shop 4, 33 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia